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Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) for Construction Industry

In this article, I will provide you with specific SHARP information exclusively for the construction industry. We will discuss the advantages of being a SHARP company, the process it takes to get it going and the program requirements.
The Florida Construction SHARP Pilot (FCSP) is new to Florida. As with the other SHARP, this is designed to recognize and award the construction sector employers in Florida for their superior leadership in occupational safety and health management. The FCSP is created solely for the participation of general contractors in Florida. Since the construction industry is significantly different than the other two industries. These requirements tend to put more responsibility on the general contractors.

To begin this SHARP process, companies must:
1. Request a consultation visit that involves a full-service both visit that provides a complete safety and health hazard survey of all working conditions, equipment, processes and OSHA-mandated safety and health programs at the worksite, including a comprehensive assessment of the worksite's safety and health management system; and
2. Have at least three years of operating business history in Florida.

3. The size requirements for employer participation in SHARP are 250 or fewer on-site employees and fewer than 500 corporate-wide employees. The upper corporate size limit does not apply to individual franchisees. There may be sites that are a part of holding companies where one would not expect the parent company to provide safety and health resources to the site. This particular situation would be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Program Requirements:
Prior to the start, the TRC/DART rates for FCSP employer must be 25% less than the most current BLS TRC/DART Rate for their specific NAICS code . The employer shall provide the current OSHA 300 Log and the OSHA 300 and 300A Forms for the three years of activity in Florida preceding the request/evaluation.

The initial approval of the FCSP status will be for a period of one year commencing from the date the Regional Office approves it or for the duration of the operation of the worksite, whichever is shorter. SHARP renewals will be for a period of one year. Maximum duration will be until 2019.

In order to begin this process, the general contractor or subcontractor must agree to attend the initial opening conference onsite or have a personal meeting with the consultants to discuss participation in the program. In addition, all participating subcontractors will have all their respected representatives at the opening conference and all subsequent visits at the jobsite

The project must be active for a minimum of at least one year long and be preferably between ¼ to no more than ½ completion prior to the first visit.

General contractor must conduct an initial self-assessment and submit it to the consultation program. (Form will be provided)

The participant receives a full-service safety and health consultation visit and a comprehensive review of their safety and health management system with all hazards found by the consultant(s) corrected;

The participant receives a score of at least "2" on all 50 basic attributes of the Safety and Health Program Assessment Worksheet (Form 33). Additionally, all "stretch items" of the Form 33 must be scored;

The general contractor maintains a combined set of injury and illness records for all employees working at the site including subcontractors and will provide this information to the consultation program; (General contractors will keep track of all participating subcontractors’ injury and illness data and will submit data to USF on a monthly basis.)

The general contractor will provide a list of sub-contractors with their injury and illness rates in their FCSP application. If applicable, a list of sub-contractors employed at the site, and their injury and illness rates from the immediate preceding year.

The general contractor must ensure sub-contractors and their employees are aware of FCSP participation and of their roles and responsibilities. All of the worksite employees are to follow the safety and health procedures of the general contractor and to participate in the appropriate safety and health training.

A signed letter from the sub-contractor stating that they have received, read, and are willing to work in accordance with this SHARP program.

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