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USF SafetyFlorida Offers HurriPlanner Tool for Small Businesses

Floridians know that hurricane season is June through November, yet USF SafetyFlorida encourages business owners to do damage control ahead of the storms. That’s why it created HurriPlanner (www.hurricanebusinesssafety.com), a free online hurricane and emergency preparedness plan specifically for small businesses. With HurriPlanner, you can create a hurricane business safety plan in just a few clicks.

HurriPlanner delivers a comprehensive approach to hurricane preparedness with safety tips for before, during and after a storm. The tool is quick and easy, allowing you to create a custom plan for your business and employees.

Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Enter important contact information such as your business name, locations, phone numbers and names of emergency and disaster coordinators.

Step 2: Decide if you want additional disaster information added to the plan such as hurricane disaster assistance, continuity of operations; floods, tornadoes and wildfires assistance; emergency planning for employees, and preventing structure assistance.

Step 3: Review the HurriPlanner plan in a Microsoft Word document, print and save.

What You’ll Get With HurriPlanner

The end result is a thorough and tailored emergency management plan, with detailed how-to’s for protecting management information systems and handling other key areas such as utility disruptions, damage assessments, employees and suppliers, emergency supplies and more.

“Having an emergency management system in place—for hurricanes or any type of disaster—can be life-saving for a business. More importantly, HurriPlanner ensures that business owners and employees understand the important details that come with dealing with all phases of a storm, from preparation to business re-entry. This website can be an invaluable tool for Florida small businesses.”

Bob Nesbit, Program Manager, USF OSHA Training Institute Education Center

To learn more about hurricane and emergency preparedness and USF SafetyFlorida’s HurriPlanner, visit www.hurricanebusinesssafety.com.