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David Ashman

Ashman, D

David Ashman

Safety and Health Consultant

David Ashman is a Safety and Health Consultant with the USF SafetyFlorida Consultation Program and has over 15 years of safety and health experience, including working with city, county, and state fire and safety officials, as well as with building inspectors and disaster planning and communication authorities.

  • For over seven years, David was responsible for developing emergency action plans, and disaster sites recovery plans, facility and property safety and health programs for AT&T.
  • David was a plant manager for six years, where he had extensive experience developing comprehensive plant and employee safety and health management systems.
  • He worked as a contractor for over five years for IBM, establishing a plant safety and health inspection program, training and maintaining a plant safety and health inspection team, and was responsible for correcting safety and health hazards.
  • Working in the area of property management, he was also responsible for the development of common area maintenance programs (CAM) to ensure that facilities and properties were free of recognizable safety and health hazards that could impact both employees and tenants, and for making sure adequate funds were available to maintain the CAM programs at all of the facilities assigned to him.
  • In addition, he has extensive experience developing site and facility safety and health programs, employee safety and health training programs, inspection of sites and facilities for safety and health hazards, training employees in recognizing workplace and facility safety and health hazards.

David is an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer for the General Industry, Construction Industry and Maritime Industry 10 hour and 30 hour classes. He has a degree in Computer Science, and is a Certified Commercial Artist. He has several professional certificates for completing OSHA courses in general industry and construction health and safety.