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Seaonus Stevedoring of Jacksonville celebrates its SHARP renewal.

Seaonus Stevedoring, located in Jacksonville, recently received a renewal of its SHARP award from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and USF SafetyFlorida. The stevedoring company performs loading and unloading of both temperature-sensitive and ambient cargoes on ocean going vessels providing a complete range of services required for international trade. The company is also experienced in all major sectors of the maritime, transportation, and logistics industries.

Seaonus Stevedoring_SHARP_2015

Seaonus requested its first on-site safety and health consultation from USF SafetyFlorida in October 2012 after being referred to the consultation program by Portus Stevedoring, another SHARP award recipient. Wanting to improve and enhance worker safety awareness, the employer contacted USF SafetyFlorida.

USF SafetyFlorida’s Michael Tartal once again had the privilege to work with the employer to renew the SHARP certificate. ‘No hazards being identified during the on-site consultation visit’ boosted employee morale and pride. Also, SHARP recognition and certificate renewal has further motivated workers to strengthen their involvement and commitment to safety and health in the workplace and validated their focus on continuous improvement in the area of safety.

Lin Delassus, safety director, says the biggest advantage the company has experienced since working with USF SafetyFlorida is its creating a team environment where each employee feels responsible for the safety of other individuals within the team. Furthermore, management supports doing what it takes to make safety a top priority. “Our company continues to provide the safest workplace possible for our employees, and we continually evaluate our stevedoring operations for any improvements that can be made to keep our excellent safety record,” says Delassus. The company has had zero recordable incidents for the past two years and has completed 8,172 facility work hours since the last recordable/lost time injury.

OSHA gives its SHARP award to small and medium-sized employers who operate an exemplary safety and health management system. To qualify, a company must do the following:

• request an on-site consultation from USF SafetyFlorida;

• involve employees in the consultation process;

• correct hazards identified by the consultant;

• implement and maintain a safety and health management system that adheres to OSHA’s

1989 Safety and Health Management System guidelines;

• maintain DART and TRC rates below the national average for the company’s industry;

• agree to notify USF SafetyFlorida prior to making any changes to working conditions or

introducing new hazards into the workplace.

To learn more about USF SafetyFlorida and the importance of workplace safety and health, visit http://www.usfsafetyflorida.com/