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Daws Manufacturing, Company – An Outstanding SHARP participant for the past 13 years!

Daws Manufacturing of Pensacola was recently awarded a renewal of their SHARP certificate based on their exemplary occupational safety and health performance. Daws has been a SHARP participant continuously since June of 2002. Employing about 85 workers at its Pensacola location, the company has incorporated safety programs, training, self inspections, planning, a safety committee, and a management structure that focuses on inclusion of safety in all aspects of production in the manufacturing of truck accessories.

Daws Manufacturing Company

Daws Manufacturing Co. - Proud recipients of a fourth SHARP renewal

The company contacted USF SafetyFlorida in 2002 to become more safety aware, prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, identify hazards and safety and health management system deficiencies with the goal to reduce workers compensation costs and improve the overall safety and well-being of employees.

This time around, USF SafetyFlorida’s Michael Tartal had the privilege to work and help the company earn it fourth renewal. LPG containers in storage awaiting use were not located so as to minimize exposure to excessive temperature rise, machine guarding at a pallet wrapper, and power strip use were some of the hazard items noted by Tartal. “USF SafetyFlorida is another set of eyes looking to help find potential hazards in our facility and identify areas for improvement. All employees and supervisors became more aware of the surroundings and the safety issues they could fix. There is now more safety meeting participation from the employees”, says Steven Sowers, safety director for the company.

Reduced TRC, improved workplace safety and health culture, professional advice from the USF SafetyFlorida consultant on improving safety and health, and awareness of trends in safety improvements are some of the benefits of using USF SafetyFlorida's on-site consultation services. “We have become better educated and more aware of safety issues and trends to watch for”, continues Sowers.

With a DART and TRC rate of 2.6 in 2014, the company has gone 374 consecutive days without a lost-time injury. The company’s experience modifier rate has also decreased from 1.21 to 0.75.

OSHA gives its SHARP award to small and medium-sized employers who operate an exemplary safety and health management system. To qualify, a company must do the following:

  • request an on-site consultation from USF SafetyFlorida;
  • involve employees in the consultation process;
  • correct hazards identified by the consultant;
  • implement and maintain a safety and health management system that adheres to OSHA’s 1989 Safety and Health Management System guidelines;
  • maintain DART and TRC rates below the national average for the company’s industry;
  • agree to notify USF SafetyFlorida prior to making any changes to working conditions or introducing new hazards into the workplace.

To learn more about USF SafetyFlorida and the importance of workplace safety and health, visit http://www.usfsafetyflorida.com/