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Raydon Corporation, Receives Its First SHARP Renewal!

Raydon Corporation, a manufacturer of simulation training products for the U.S. military, received its first SHARP renewal award in January 2014. Based in Port Orange, the company employs a staff of 220 in an 112,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art purpose built facility that is situated on 15 acres.


Raydon Corporation employees proud of their SHARP renewal

The company has been one of the world's leading developers of simulation training products and solutions over the last twenty years. In fact, selected members of the United States Armed Services have long depended on Raydon to provide an extensive range of trainers including embedded trainers, tabletops trainers, appended trainers and institutional Trainers. Raydon specializes in developing new simulation and training technologies for gunnery training, maneuver training and critical task training.

Working safely is Raydon’s first priority. The company learned about OSHA’s On-site Consultation Program during an industrial hygiene course that was given by the USF OTI Education Center. Eager to continue in the SHARP program, Michael Sallese, Safety and Corporate Training Coordinator for Raydon Corporation, says he contacted USF SafetyFlorida’s Mylene Kellerman to renew the SHARP certificate.

Being very progressive and environmentally conscious, Raydon Corporation has instituted many environmental conservation programs including recycling and energy conservation. Also, following its initial SHARP certification in December 2011, the company proudly implemented the 6S lean manufacturing technique which is a methodical method to improve housekeeping and standardize work processes making them more efficient and less stressful for employees. “6S benefits are many, higher efficiencies, less stress, fewer accidents, higher levels of quality, fewer breakdowns and so on” says Mr. Sallese, “with safety, the 6th S being an integral part of the process”. “The focus on safety can ensure that we do not overlook potentially hazardous conditions which may have escaped our attention while implementing changes that have made our work environment more efficient and easier to operate” continues, Mr. Sallese.

“Raydon Corporation has deep cultural values that frame who we are as a company. Our core values of being family oriented, customer focused and goal driven lead the way to our other values of integrity, competence, teamwork, innovation and mutual respect. We have operated with the intention of having the safest possible workplace. We have made every attempt to operate in a proactive manner and have a team of first responders located throughout the facility” says, Raydon CEO, Mike Vollmar. “In receiving the SHARP award and the follow on, organizational behavior has taken our positive re-enforcement philosophy to another level. Pride and recognition have made us more diligent”.

In pursuing the SHARP certificate renewal and in subsequent follow-up reviews with USF SafetyFlorida’s Pat Stark and Mylene Kellerman, Raydon Corporation was made aware of additional proactive measures and process adjustments that they readily incorporated in their safe work practices.

Raydon continues working safely having a zero DART and TRC rate for 2013, in comparison to that of 2.0 and 4.1 for companies in the same NAICS code per BLS data of 2012. The SHARP award validates the company’s exemplary safety efforts and culture.

OSHA’s SHARP award is given to small businesses with less than 500 employees that demonstrate exemplary workplace safety and health practices. USF SafetyFlorida recommends employers to OSHA that meet SHARP criteria. To qualify, the employer must request an on-site consultation, involve employees in workplace safety and health, correct any hazards identified during the consultation process, and maintain an injury and illness rate lower than its industry average. The SHARP renewal qualifies the facility with an exemption period from OSHA inspections for up to three years.

To learn more about the SHARP program or to request an on-site consultation, visit www.usfsafetyflorida.com.