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Lower Workers’ Comp Costs Helps Trucks and Parts of Tampa, Inc. Pass Savings on to Customers

Trucks and Parts of Tampa, Inc. recently earned its third SHARP renewal in five years. The family-owned business, which reconditions refuse, concrete, roll-off and grapple trucks for resale, is proud of its safety accomplishments as well as the lower costs it receives as a result.

Trucks and Parts of Tampa_2012 SHARP Renewal

Trucks and Parts of Tampa, Inc. receives its third SHARP renewal in May 2012. Left to right: Dr. Luis Pieretti, USF SafetyFlorida; Scott Dols, CEO, Trucks and Parks of Tampa, Inc.; Jim Ulseth, USF SafetyFlorida; Dave Wisehart, shop manager; Blake Hamilton, general manager; and Bruce Goldenberg, chief administrative officer of Trucks and Parts of Tampa, Inc.

Since 2006 Trucks and Parts of Tampa has worked with USF SafetyFlorida and Safety and Health Consultants Jim Ulseth and Dr. Luis Pieretti to ensure the effectiveness of its safety and health management system. With 24 workers, all of whom take an active role in following safe work practices, “We know our focus on safety and health has positively impacted our shop’s productivity,” says General Manager Blake Hamilton.

During Ulseth’s most recent annual review, he assisted the company by identifying lock-out/tag-out items, lifting equipment not being properly labeled, and also unmarked chemical containers not being properly labeled. Safety Director Dave Wisehart and his team quickly corrected the identified hazards. “Trucks and Parts is proactive about safety,” says Ulseth. “They have a good safety culture, and they care about their people.”

Wisehart says the SHARP recognition instills a tremendous amount of pride for Trucks and Parts. “We keep the message alive that safety comes first,” he adds. Part of that safety message is that all new personnel are properly trained and fitted with safety equipment and have a full understanding of safety procedures and expectations.

Prior to earning the SHARP award, the company’s Total Recordable Case (TRC) rate and Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) rate were 2.6. In 2011, those rates are 0.0. Furthermore, the company reduced its workers’ compensation premiums by nearly $150,000 during a five-year period. According to Chief Administrative Officer Bruce Goldberg, who actively supports the company’s safety culture, lower workers’ compensation costs directly benefits customers. “This allows us to pass these savings on to them,” says Goldberg.

OSHA’s SHARP award is given to small businesses with less than 500 employees that demonstrate exemplary workplace safety and health practices. USF SafetyFlorida recommends employers to OSHA that meet SHARP criteria. To qualify, the employer must request an on-site consultation, involve employees in workplace safety and health, correct any hazards identified during the consultation process, and maintain an injury and illness rate lower than its industry average. To learn more about the SHARP program or to request an on-site consultation, visit www.usfsafetyflorida.com.