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SHARP Success Brings Significant Annual Savings to Orchid Island Juice Company

Orchid Island Juice Company recently received a SHARP award for its exemplary safety and health management system. This is the Ft. Pierce-based company’s second time earning a SHARP certification.

Orchid Island Juice Co. 2012 SHARP

(Left to right) Frank Tranchilla, general manager; Greg Elam, plant manager; and Richard Crane, safety manager, stand with Orchid Island Juice Company's SHARP flag and certificate. The company received its second SHARP award from OSHA in 2012.

The manufacturer of premium, fresh-squeezed citrus juices sells its products in major retailers worldwide and employs 85 workers. In 2005, following an OSHA inspection, the company contacted USF SafetyFlorida to request a comprehensive on-site safety and health consultation. Safety Consultant Jessica Bohan assisted the company, which did not have a formal safety program at the time, with how to establish a safety and health management system, machine guarding, job hazard analyses and monthly self-safety audits.

Since then, the company’s comprehensive safety and health management system involves all departments, says Frank Tranchilla, general manager. The company upgraded its older equipment and facility to comply with current OSHA standards. The results of those efforts have been impressive to say the least. In 2006, Orchid Island Juice Company received its first SHARP award, and it has reduced its annual workers’ compensation premiums by $200,000. It has also reduced its Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) rate from 2.0—its rate prior to consultation—to zero.

OSHA’s SHARP award is given to small businesses like Orchid Island Juice Company that have fewer than 500 employees and demonstrate exemplary workplace safety and health practices. USF SafetyFlorida recommends employers to OSHA that meet SHARP criteria. To qualify, the employer must request an on-site consultation, involve employees in workplace safety and health, correct any hazards identified during the consultation process, and maintain an injury and illness rate lower than its industry average. To learn more about the SHARP program or to request an on-site consultation, visit www.usfsafetyflorida.com.