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MI Metals, Inc. Oldsmar Plant Receives First SHARP Award

MI Metals, Inc. of Oldsmar received a SHARP award in June. The aluminum extrusion company has 67 employees locally and is one of 4 MI Metals facilities nationwide serving primarily the construction industry. This is the first SHARP award for MI Metals' Oldsmar plant, and the second for MI Metals.

MI Metals Inc. Oldsmar plant_2011 SHARP

The company is proud of its safety success and SHARP awards. Melvin Mitchell, corporate safety director, has 20 years of safety experience both in the U.S. Air Force and in private industry and was familiar with OSHA’s On-site Consultation program Mr. Mitchell understood the value of having that extra set of eyes gained by working with a safety and health consultant. He and USF SafetyFlorida’s Jim Ulseth quickly went to work to share ideas, reinforce safety awareness and proactively approach potentially hazardous areas at the plant.

MI Metals has always had a strong commitment to safety. The corporate president, Brook Massey, worked as plant general manager and recognizes the benefit of employee involvement. “Everyone in the company, from the lowest ranking to the highest, is visibly involved in the safety program,” says Mr. Mitchell. Emphasizing employee involvement and a safer workplace has resulted in lower turnover, better quality product and higher production rates. Having USF SafetyFlorida’s presence in the facility “reinforces the company’s message to every employee that the company is serious about safety,” says Mr. Mitchell. “Everyone is involved in hazard identification and, when identified, action is taken immediately to address it before an injury can occur,” says Mr. Mitchell.

“Working with USF SafetyFlorida is an excellent way to receive insight into what it takes to produce safety results,” says Mr. Mitchell. “MI Metals found USF SafetyFlorida to be a very valuable tool in the SHARP process.” Employee involvement is key, also. “If the employees don’t feel like they own the program, they’re never going to get involved,” he says. A true testament that safety works when it is part of the business’s culture.