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Johnson Controls Medley Office Renews SHARP Certification

In February, the Johnson Controls Central America & Caribbean headquarters office, located in Medley, renewed its OSHA SHARP status for its exemplary safety and health management programs. The site, which includes office space and a 28,000-square foot warehouse and storage facility, receives and ships HVAC parts and products to Latin America ranging in weight from 1 pound to 40 tons.

Johnson Controls Medley_SHARP Renewal_2011

Johnson Controls takes safety very seriously. Its products and services are dedicated to energy efficiency, comfort and security, and its vision to create “a more comfortable, safe and sustainable world” reinforces that principle.

The Medley location received its first safety consultation from USF SafetyFlorida's Gabriel Garcia in 2009. Since then, Garcia has provided ongoing guidance and encouragement to the company throughout the certification and recertification process.

While its industry average DART rate is 3.1, the Medley office has a DART rate of 0.0. Employees recognize safety values and are able to demonstrate skills such as CPR training, lift truck handling, hazardous materials handling and fire extinguisher use.

The SHARP renewal qualifies the Medley office with an exemption period from OSHA inspections up to three years. Additionally, the company receives a 50 percent discount on OSHA sponsored training and materials and is eligible for discounted workers' compensation insurance rates.

Johnson Controls Medley is one of 55 current SHARP companies in the state of Florida.