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Facility Contract Services

The Facility Contract Services (FCS) team that oversees the maintenance of Pembroke Pines Health Park is a "small, tight-knit group," says Site Manager Phillip Drabick. The group of 10 employees is contracted to maintain a 180-acre health park, complete with 45 buildings on its campus that is owned by the City of Pembroke Pines.

Facility Contract Services_2010

Facility Contract Services

Drabick says it is important for employees to look at safety much like a "family value." With employees' on-site responsibilities ranging from plumbing and electrical to heavy equipment and HVAC, he says the "undercurrent of a safe work environment makes for a more efficient and effective workplace."

While this may be the company's first SHARP certification, it's not their first experience with the SHARP process. In 2007, FCS worked alongside another SHARP-certified firm, which gave them an appreciation for what comes with workplace safety. When the City of Pembroke Pines transferred the facility maintenance contract to FCS, this led Shawn Hiester, company president, to encourage the staff to pursue their own SHARP. "It's always good to have someone come in and look at your operation … to review the manuals, to review documentation," says Drabick of the consultation process. "Just that kind of polish and review is helpful."

Other benefits? "Everyone stays safe and healthy on the job. An accident-free day is a good day. (Employees) put more thought into things and they plan better." This planning includes a daily morning safety meeting, which occurs prior to project or repair work. During the meetings, staff shares feedback and solutions for their assigned projects. This employee input is working, too. The company experienced zero injuries and illnesses last year.