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Dyco Paints Receives SHARP Renewal

Dyco Paints, a national leader in the paint and specialty coatings industry for 43 years, is based in Clearwater. With more than 300 independent dealers, an extensive list of private label accounts throughout the country, and six company-owned Suncoast Paint & Design Center stores, Dyco prides itself on its quality products and reputation. It also is proud of its renewal status as a SHARP company.

Executive Vice President Patti Quinn says Dyco is fortunate that nearly a third of its 50 employees have been with the company for 15-20 years.

Dyco SHARP_2010

"Our long-term employees are very knowledgeable and are committed to our safety culture," she says. The company also prides itself on good housekeeping, regular safety meetings and training efforts for new employees. Recently, it implemented a payroll stuffer campaign that focuses on safety issues such as heat safety, lifting techniques and wellness. "The stuffer program helps keep safety at the forefront," says Quinn.

And as long-term employees begin to age, Dyco's proactive efforts ensure workers remain safe, healthy and an integral part of the family. Quinn says small changes such as raising tables, adding hoists to lift objects and offering more frequent breaks are proving to be effective.

Dyco takes great pride in its SHARP award and its safety culture. Quinn says the company is "very appreciative of the USF SafetyFlorida program. I recommend it to other businesses because it works."