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Bayonet Point Health and Rehabilitation Center

Bayonet Point Health and Rehabilitation Center of Hudson understands when it comes to safety, they have many elements to consider. “We are not just taking care of our staff. We also are caring for our elderly patients,” says Risk Manager Gina Perino.

“Unlike a lot of companies, we are not handling merchandise in a warehouse, we are working with people. We have to make sure they are well taken care of.”

The 170-bed facility employs 225 people, and Perino says the company diligently and consistently pursues a safe work environment through employee involvement. "Primary staff has an ownership in safety, which in turn creates a sense of pride in the facility, their team, and in their quality of work. The staff knows that their leaders respect and value their opinion and have a feeling of partnership.” Furthermore, the company's safety committee thoroughly investigates and analyzes near-misses and incidents to prevent recurrences.

Perino notes that receiving its fourth SHARP certification is a boost to employee morale. “It tells us we continue to do a good job and are being safe – and that makes us more confident in what we are doing.” She says even the idea of possibly losing their SHARP status motivates employees to stay on track. “They realize that in this business, SHARP recipients are few and far between,” she says. “It increases their pride in that we are a good and safe facility.”

And Bayonet Point’s employees are good at being safe. The company's DART rate is 3.8, well below their industry average of 5.7.