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Amphenol Sine Systems

Amphenol Sine Systems Earns SHARP Renewal

Amphenol Sine Systems, an electronic connector manufacturer located in Lake Wales, recently earned its third SHARP renewal. The company is focused on connecting its 60 employees to a positive safety environment. “Safety is my No. 1 issue and priority,” says Jeff Herman, HR/environmental, health and safety manager. “A good safety-management program benefits the employees and the company.”

In 1993, Amphenol Sine Systems was referred to the consultation program by an OSHA inspector. The company was experiencing a higher incident rate and wanted to identify root causes of the incidents as well as processes that could prevent future occurrences. "Eliminating accidents at the source, specifically through ergonomic assessments and improvements," was a priority says Herman.

Today, the company is SHARP-certified, and the award has provided positive benefits. “SHARP has added value to our marketing and sales efforts as well as enhanced the morale and attitude toward safety that we have been working to promote.”

Safety is an essential part of the company's business culture. “The facility is very proactive about workplace safety and health. Each employee takes pride in a safe work environment with the goal of zero injuries and illnesses. Our company motto is Think Safety, Act Safely, and Stay SHARP!” Last year, the company met its goal and reported zero incidents.

This safety success is appreciated by others. In 2005, the company was recognized by Occupational Hazards magazine as one of "America's Safest Companies." The company also increased its focus on environmental issues by eliminating certain chemicals, switching to environmentally-friendly products, and recycling. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reduced the company's generator status from "Large Quantity Generator" in 1993 to "Non-Handler" in 2001.