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A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure

A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure

Mylene Kellerman (far right) of USF SafetyFlorida presents A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure's Robert Kincart (left) and Ashley Shive with their SHARP award and flag.

Many businesses realize that the benefits of safety and wellness go hand in hand. Such is the case at A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure ...

Many businesses realize that the benefits of safety and wellness go hand in hand. Such is the case at A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure, a full-service environmental science firm that provides engineering, industrial hygiene, construction, waste management and emergency response services. The Bartow-based company has office locations in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Naples and Fort Lauderdale.

A-C-T’s waste management division, located in Bartow, has a staff of 29 and earned its third SHARP renewal this year. For Ashley Shive, director of health, safety and training, one of the many benefits of being a SHARP company is the network of safety professionals. “For me, having a sounding board, someone to network and talk with, pick their brain about how they do things … that’s tremendous.”

A-C-T’s safety success is nothing short of tremendous. The company began working with USF SafetyFlorida in 2003 and has since made great progress in identifying and remedying specific safety areas. As part of its Total Safety Program, a program that encourages employee safety and wellness at work and at home, A-C-T holds biweekly meetings with management and corporate officials. Shive realized during the meetings that a visual diagram was needed to better understand safety metrics and implications. “The graphs pinpointed specific areas such as hand injuries and minor auto accidents. As a result, we were able to trend incidents and develop yearly action plans like purchasing special gloves (for hand injuries) and initiating defensive driving classes. Our safety strategies pointed us like an arrow in the right direction.”

Since 2006, A-C-T’s number of injuries and illnesses has dropped from 4 per year to zero. Their TRC and DART rates also fell to zero, from 6.1 and 1.5, respectively. Another added benefit is its reduced workers’ compensation modification rate, which dropped from 1.14 to the present .85. Adds Shive, “Safety and wellness affects us. When our employees can come to work because they are safe and well at home and at work, it makes all the difference.”